Ashley is a joy to work with! She helped me articulate my thoughts more succinctly and is so encouraging throughout the entire editing process. I highly recommend her services!

- Becki Campbell, A Shiny Reflection

Ashley Abramson is a brilliant editor who is not only vitally accurate with her technical editing but who is also extremely creative when it comes to her content editing suggestions.  She has been such a critical part of making my novels, novellas, poetry and articles precise, correct, and even much more interesting.  Ashley grants proper room for an author's nuanced tone and style to shine through clean sheets and she has helped me find my voice and maintain it even on some of the most challenging projects imaginable.  Ashley is always my first and last choice for every sort of editing, because she makes me look better than I ever could on my own.

- Ben Donley

Working with Ashley was one of the best decisions I made this year. Through each step in the coaching process, Ashley helped me tap into my core communicate in the most effective way possible. She goes above and beyond for her clients - from providing helpful comments to strengthen individual voice to celebrating together as my confidence increased. I loved the experience and highly recommend Ashley’s coaching!

Holly Holt, Holly Holt Design

As a writing coach, Ashley was able to hear my own unique voice as a writer.  She had the ability to develop and encourage my thoughts, ideas, and concepts while maintaining my true style, and bringing out the potential she knew I had.  She is dynamic and creative, easy to connect with/talk to, and has a strong knowledge base of the present 'writing' culture.  You can tell that she is passionate not only about writing, but also about coming alongside you as a mentor and coach!

- Kera Wayne

Ashley helped me craft the perfect "about" section for my new photography website. Based on a few specifics I wanted communicated, she came up with very clear and well thought out copy. Not only that, she also helped with thinking through how clients would navigate the site and how specific copy would help them connect with me. All of this was executed in an authentic way that really excited me. She made a daunting process seem enjoyable and totally worthwhile.

- Ryan Stadler, Ryan Stadler Photography