If a story is in you, it has got to come out.
— William Faulkner

I’ve had a lot of jobs in a lot of places: downtown executive assistant, nursing home activities director, third-wave coffeehouse barista, West Texas campus minister. The writer in me has surfaced in every single one of them. (Ask me how over a novelty beverage, and I will likely talk forever).

My resume is fickle, but my vocation is tried and true: mine for significance and share it with wit and heart. Today, I’m so lucky to shape my life around that vocation.

I’ve been freelancing my way about the proverbial town since 2009, editing doctoral theses and writing cover letters and about me sections for friends. These friends and a few of my old bosses turned into clients who referred me to more clients, and then I realized I’m doing this. So when I had a baby and quit my day job in 2014, I dove into the freelancing world, and now, I do it full-time. 

I also love to write online and in print. I've written for national publications like RELEVANT, Scary Mommy, Huffington Post, Curator Magazine, Deeply Rooted, and more.  Click here to view my portfolio. 

Another big part of my body of work is the online publication/writing community I co-run with my best friend Kate. Upwrite Magazine is all about the (buzzword alert!) tension of living in a broken culture and what it looks like to both search for and steward the bits of hope we find inside of it. Would love you to stop by for a visit or contribute! 

Want to work together? Yay! I currently offer three services: copy writing/content development, copy editing (developmental and line editing), and one-on-one coaching.